TESUKI WASHI – Japanese Paper from the Master’s Hand


Tesuki Washi Berlin was founded by Manami Nagahari and Jan-philipp Frühsorge in 2015 and works in collaboration with The Drawing Hub Berlin.

The Drawing Hub is a nonprofit space for research and exhibition of contemporary international drawings, located in the center of Berlin. Its main goal is to operate in a network of international drawing spaces and to organize academic and curatorial projects in cooperation with artists, curators, collectors and theorists.

Tesuki washi Berlin’s mission is to support and promote the craft of the finest handmade traditional papermaking of Japan. High class handmade paper which is being used by artists, book- and print restaurateurs as well as by designers is a cultural highly valuable product which deserves and needs to be promoted and supported out of Japan.

Since 2014 the craft of papermaking has been inscribed on the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. As a matter of fact over the last decades the number of master papermakers is decreasing and the local Japanese market is very limited.

Tesuki Washi Berlin wants to establish a small papershop to serve as a cultural ambassador in order to raise awareness in Germany and Europe for this outstanding and unique craftsmanship.

In cooperation with the drawing Hub Berlin, whose founder can look back on a 12 year long history of working with numerous professionals in the art world, especially artist , institutions, museums, collectors in the field of works on paper, we will have already a solid network to promote the art of tesuki washi.

The business is going to start as a small but highly motivated and strongly committed enterprise to serve the Japanese master papermakers with all of our possibilities and resources.

We don’t intend to be regarded as competitors with already established companies in Japan which sell paper abroad but we wish to offer our services to the European art communities and thereby supporting the existing export structures.

We see our work as not only as a business but more as cultural and also educational task, to introduce new audiences and clients to the mastery of papermaking from Japan.


TESUKI WASHI BERLIN is kindly supported by:
Moriki Paper Company, Ltd