Echizen Kizuki Hōshō shi

– The highest ranked paper from Japan –

echizenTESUKI WASHI BERLIN Selections:

Article No. g/m2 size(cm) Image


75 g/m2 45 x 55  Front



(Oobiro hosho)

75 g/m2 48,5 x 60


75 g/m2 61 x 86,5

* Material: 100% Nasu Kozo(Ibaragi Pref.),White Bark

Like for Rembrandt or Picasso, Echizen Washi has been a fascination to artists worldwide for a long time. And especially Echizen-kizuki-hōushō-shi marks the highest rank among all papers in Japan.According to a 1500 years old legend a woman taught people in this area how to make paper with natural materials from special plants called Kozo, because she had sympathy for them since they did not have any rice fields to make a living. She mysteriously disappeared in the upper river, so she was named “Kawa-kami Gozen”, meaning “upriver princess” . Since then, the princess has been enshrined as a paper goddess with two local gods in Okamoto Otaki Shrine. This is the only shrine which is dedicated to the god of paper in Japan.Echizen was an old province of Japan and is located in the northern part of Fukui Prefecture .

The manufacturing method has been designated as an Important Intangible Cultural Asset of Japan. The painstaking, small-batch production process for Echizen-kizuki-housho-shi ensures its purity, flexibility and durability.
This highest quality paper is made from Kozo bark fiber, produced only in Tochigi prefecture.
Echizen-kizuki-hōushō-shi was used extensively for official documents, particularly during the Edo period. The work of Master Ichibei Iwano, a Living National Treasure, and its quality is unrivaled by any other papers on the market today.
Master Iwano’s Echizen-kizuki-housho-shi has been respected for its substance, whiteness and thickness.
It is easy to write on, stable for long-term storage, and durable for generations.

Ichibei IWANO IX