Echizen Torinoko shi (Echizen gampi)

– ” King of paper”  in Japan since 14 th Century –



Article No. g/m2 size(cm) Image
SY-GAM-001 21 g/m2 29,8 x 42 gampi

* Material: 100%  Gampi (Okayama Pref.)

It is difficult to cultivate the raw material for Gampi paper, the “gampi plant (Wikstroemia retusa) “.  That means collecting the wild one is the first step in order to make Gampi paper. Since the 8th century Gampi was used for Washi and especially Echizen Torinoko shi (Echizen Gampi) is famous for its quality since the middle of Muromachi period (14th century). It was called the “King of paper“. In current Japan only in some prefectures like Okayama or Shimane wild Gampi can be found and therefore it is very precious raw material. The slightly- shiny surface is one of the typical qualities for Gampi, also it is very smooth and strong against insects.
Since the summer of 2017 Echizen torinoko-shi is listed as Important Intangible Folk Cultural Properties (重要無形文化財) in Japan .

Shohachi Yamaguchi IV