Hon mino shi (Genuine Mino Paper)

– Intangible cultural heritages on UNESCO since 2014 –


Article No. g/m2 size Image
TS-MIN-001 10g/m2 64 x 98 cm  
TS-MIN-002 13g/m2 64 x 98 cm  
TS-MIN-003 15g/m2 64 x 98 cm  

*Material: 100% Nasu Kozo(Ibaragi Pref.),White Bark

It is white, beautiful, soft and strong. Only genuine Mino paper has these high quality components. When the sun shines on the paper, the beautifully intertwined fibers can even be seen. If Mino paper has fulfilled the above requirements being specified, it makes up about 10% of all the Mino Japanese paper products. The stream of the Nagara River, the richest and finest quality water flowing from the stream of the Itadori River, the finest Nasu kozo from Ibaraki Prefecture, Kiso cypress as the instrument, the solid brass filtered figure, and the scrapes from the bamboo are also connected together to make a sukisu( a bamboo strainer) for making Mino paper.
From Meiji to Taisho era (1868-1926), there was also a time when production has become about 4,700 units. However, the home to produce a traditional Japanese Paper with high growth decreased. The apprehension of the local volunteers loves the traditional techniques of this Hon-minoshi, and in order to inherit, in 1960 the society of the Preservation of the Mino Paper was formed. In 1969, it was renamed the Association for the Preservation of Hon-minoshi . The members are the only one who are capable of preserving the skills of the most imporant cultural heritage, and manufacturing of the Hon-minoshi and current number of certificated masters are only 8 people.



Tomomi Suzuki