Mr. Akira Kubota

Akira Kutoba-600
Sekishu Banshi Master,
Born in 1950, Shimane, Japan
His father Yasuichi is a founder and first President of Sekishu-banshi Craftsmen Association in 1967. The association was designated “important intangible cultural property” in Japan in 1969, since then he is known for making a great contribution to the development of Sekishu-banshi. Especially his demonstration of making Washi in the USA in 1978 was the first presentation of Washi making outside Japan.
As the son of a Washi master, Master Akira Kubota naturally started his career as a paper maker under his father Yasuichi since 1974. In 1978 of his early carrier, he performed also together with his father in USA. Since then his activities are not only limited to Japan but include countries like US, UK, Finnland. His passion for making washi connects also to international education projects. Since 1986, together with his father, he has been teaching the technique of Washi making in Bhutan and constantly accepts researchers from there to support Bhutan’s paper culture. In 2008 he performed and taught Washi making in Uzbekistan.

Master Kubota’s Paper