Mr. Gangolf ULBRICHT

Paper specialist in Berlin
1964 born in Freiberg / Sachsen.
From 1980 until 1983 he studied industrial paper making and from 1983 until 1988 paper – and cellulose technology at TU Dresden where he graduated as a Master of Engineering (Dipl. Ing.) Before opening his paper workshop at Kunstquartier Bethanien in 1992 he was a research engineer at the Papiertechnische Stiftung in Heidenau. In 1998 Gangolf spent one year travelling in Japan studying with various masters to learn the Japanese craft of papermaking. Since then he realised numerous projects in cooperation with artists in the medium of paper.  Whatever the task might be Gangolf rises to the challenge, be it a special texture or an unusal size or format, such as a 4,50 metre long paper for a woodcut print.
For paper restorers in national libraries and archives,  i.e. in the Vatican he has produced all kinds of classical and traditional papers. When back in 2004 the worldfamous Herzogin Anna Amalia library had to suffer from a devastating fire desaster, he was asked to produce a special paper for the restoration of the damaged books. Apart from so many particular types of paper one of his specialities is a 2 Gramm /m2 paper. Light as air, almost invisible.
An important part of his multifaceted practice consists also in teaching classes and training paper restorers (Wien, Paris, Cremona, Stuttgart, Hildesheim, etc.)

“Paper as the medium of human creative expression in all its varieties is exciting as never before. The transformation process from fibres of different natural raw material into paper with haptical and functional qualities is a creative challenge and passion. The realisation of this process with all its historical developments and tools leads to very unique and particular papers with different qualities like grip, sound, structure, luminoussness, transparence, surface, colour, format, the ability to write or print on it , it leads to papers with a particular character. To discover that and to communicate it is a sensual experience.” (G.U.)


Mr.ULBRICHT ‘s Paper