Mr. Ichibei Iwano IX

Echizen Kizuki Hocho shi Master,
Born in 1933 as a son of Ichbei Iwano VIII.
In 1978 he got the name of Ichibei Iwano IX and in 2000 the title of National living treasure in Japan.

His father, the eighth, was also a living national treasure and leaning from father, Mr. Iwano keeps the Japanese traditional way of making Washi, using 100% of the Japanese Kozo with hands, no machines.
He often says he has to calm himself down to make good paper, no anger and no irritation. His father told him not to think about taking an easier way in making his paper because each process is very important.
The Washi that he made can endure the overprint 300 times very strongly, and is used for woodblock prints etc. For instance, Picasso used his father’s washi regularly. The texture and quality are really special, so his paper helps art works last forever. The visitors are often surprised to see how strong the paper is when Mr. Iwano tries to tear the paper but hardly can. There are lots of guests visiting him, but he has enough passion to explain his work one by one seriously.
“This is my lifework. I don’t know why but I need to tell people about Echizen.”

Master Iwano’s Paper:
Echizen Kizuki Hosho shi