Mr. Ryoji Uekubo

Born in 1943, Yoshino, Nara Prefecture.
Since his childhood days Ryoji Uekubo has been learning about washi from his father who was a certificated Hon Misugami Master.
In 1959, Uekubo started to work at a Bank but he also kept studying various important procedures ands method of making traditional Misugami.
After retiring from his bank job in 1994 , he completely focussed on his life as a Hon Misugami Maker. Already 5 years later, he got the certification as a Hon Misugami Maker and he is now the only person who is certificated as a “Hon Misugami” Master.
His wife Hisako also works as a Misugami Maker for over 25 years and they work together for keeping the tradition alive.
Mr. Uekubo says “ It’s been over 20 years since I started this job. But I believe this much training is needed to make good Washi.”

Master Uekubo’s Paper
Honmisu gami