Mrs. Fumiko Osaki

fumiko osaki
Born in 1951.

Since her father, a master of paper making Shigeru Osaki who was selected as an outstanding skilled worker (master craftsman) decided to the do paper making, as a family business, Fumiko had to be part of it and take responsibility as she is the first-born child.

„ I just had to do it… but now a lot of people want to have my paper and that demand brings me a high motivation to continue making it.“

The sublime technique which she has learnt from her father is now fascinating customers and paper lovers from all over the world. And therefore it is without surprise that curators and conservators from the restoration department of the Louvre in Paris, had currently visited the workshop to see how Fumiko is making paper.

Her intention is not only working as a master in her own workshop but to teach and give her knowledge to next generation. Her daughter Akari takes this important position and learns paper making from Fumiko – her mother. That means that the Osaki workshop will have 2 female masters in 2 generations. Something that happens not so often in this washi world, but if we look back to the story of Echizen- the person who taught the folks to make paper was a woman.

Master Osaki’s Paper:
Tosa Seikō-sen