Mrs. Toyomi Suzuki

Toyomi Suzuki
Hon mino shi(Genuine Mino Paper) Master,
Born in 1952, Gifu, Japan.

In 1977 she married Takehisa Suzuki, the son of a Tesuki Washi master. Takehisa wanted to become a Tesuki Washi maker but his parents denied this to him as papermaking doesn’t make enough money to live from. Toyomi started to help her father in law’s workshop “Mino Take kami kobo” in 1988. As he was already in his 70s at that time, she found that it is important to inherit the tradition and technique of papermaking to the next generation. In 1990 she started her career as Tesuki Washi maker under her father in law Takeichi Suzuki. Together with her mother in law Hagi Suzuki, she is a Hon Mino Gami certificated master since 2010. Hagi Suzuki worked until around her age of 93, now she is 96 years old. Toyomi is the 14th master of the workshop.
Since 2013 she is vice-president of the Hon Mino Paper Preservation Society (Hon Minogami Hozonkai) and one of the most important female Tesuki Washi masters in Japan.
Since her husband Takehisa retired from his business career, he then started to learn Tesuki Washi technique from Toyomi. Together with him Toyomi is trying to keep the tradition alive.

Master Suzuki’s Paper:
Honmino shi